Free Rufus Portable Download

Rufus is a free open source utility software. It is used to create bootable pen drives or memory sticks from iso image of an operating system. Rufus is absolutely free and open-source small program which is used to make a bootable USB flash drive for windows application. It is a very light, small, helpful, and easy-to-use tool. If you need to start your computer from DOS for whatever the reason, this is one of the best and quick ways.

How to use Rufus ?

1.Rufus comes in forms of the regular installer and portable variant. If you don’t want to install Rufus on your system then you need to download and install a portable version. Then open Rufus.

2.Plugin the USB drive, and you will immediately see it in the top drop-down menu. Once
you see the drive, hit the “Select” button.

3.In the Browse window browse the location where your ISO file is stored, select it and
click on the “Open” button.

4.Click on the little “Check” icon next to the “Boot Selection” drop-down menu to estimate and see the MD5, SHA1, and SHA256 checksums of the ISO file. This is useful to verify if the ISO file has been tampered with in any way. (Optional)

5.Select “MBR” from the Partition Scheme drop-down menu and the Target System drop-down menu “BIOS or UEFI”. Check “Add fixes for old BIOSes” under the “AdvancedDrive Properties” section if you are trying to use this bootable USB drives on an old system.

6.(Optional Action) You can change the USB drive title using the “Volume Label” field.Additionally, under “Advanced Format Options” make certain that the “Quick Format” checkbox is selected. Quick format has skipped for checking bad sectors.

7.Click on the “Start” button.8.Depend up to ISO file, Rufus sometimes wants you to download additional files. Just click on the yes button and Rufus will take care of it.

9.In the next prompt, select the recommended “Write in ISO image mode” option, and hit the “OK” button. You probably also see a drive format warning – click on the “OK” button.

10. As quickly as you click on the button, Rufus starts to create the bootable USB drive. It may take a while to complete the process, it depends up to ISO file you are using.

11.Once It’s Done! you will not see a completion message but will hear a completion sound, and the progress bar will become fully green

Features Of Rufus

Rufus is a simple tool but presents a lot of useful features to make bootable USB/Flash Drive.
Here are some of the popular features of Rufus.
  • This program is twice faster than Universal USB Installer, UNetboot in or Windows 7 USB download tool.
  • It Supports more than 30 different languages
  • It supports MBR, GPT partition scheme
  • UEFI, BIOS target system support
  • FAT32, NTS supportable file system
  • Flexible cluster siz
  • It Specifies the volume name
  • It provides a very clean user interface
  • No malware, any human verification survey or any advertisements

Latest Version Of Rufus

Rufus Version 3.9 (2020.02.29)
  • Add exFAT support when making blank UEFI: NTFS drives [EXPERIMENTAL]
  • Ext2/Ext3 corruption for partitions larger than 4 GB has fixed
  • Fix early boot files not being ready on compressed NTFS partitions
  • Fix writing of compressed streams that do not end on a sector boundary
  • Fix percent not occurring displayed on slow formatImproved file preallocation and speed up ISO extraction
  • Improved ext2/ext3 formatting speed
  • Improve emergency MBR message for GPT partitioned drives
  • Reporting of Syslinux/GRUB download errors message improved
  • Fixed reporting of partition types and Windows’ version
  • Update installed Syslinux to 6.04-pre1

System Requirement

  • PC Operating with Windows XP or later (preferably Windows 7, 8+)
  • ISO (supported operating systems)
  • 8 GB USB flash drive (least recommended)